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Art Event 1-5

Art Event one:

Downtown Fullerton Art Walk March 2, 2012

I went to Downtown Fullerton Art Walk not knowing what to expect. It was my first time there.  I remember walk around all the different feature artist and their style is so different. There was one art piece where the artist was stacking chairs in many different ways  on top of each other and it look really amazing. Art is something that we all have a different perspective on. It would be a work of beauty to someone and it might be trash to another. I think I can use some of the artwork as inspiration in my own design someday and think out of the box. If I like it I should do it.

Art Event Two

“A Latin Evening VII”
Concert and Recital

My  friend  was singing in the choir for this show, so I decided to go watch her sing. The event was celebraiting Spanish Culture as the whole show was in Spanish. All the act were amazing, there was this one male singer his voice was so deep that everything he sang was beautiful. They also have Latin Dancer as well as Folklore Dance, each had their own styles but was very entertaining to watch. I wish I can understand the song more because some of it was beautifully sang.

There was one part in the folklore dance I thought it was  too provocative for the kids there but overall it was a great show.  

Art Event Three  Lam Truong In Concert
I got to see my favorite Vietnamese Singer in Concert. He only come over to America a couple time during his America to perform. It was very differernt seeing in lives on stage. The atmostphere was very lively. I wish I had better seat and it was at a better venure. Overall it was a very good show,  the audiedce was very lively.

This was a charity event but when they were auctioning the items, it was toward the end where a lot of people have left already and you could barely see the items being auction. I don’t think the charity well and this was the part that could be change.

Art Event Four CSUSM Film Festival  5/10/2012

I went to the to the CSUSM Film Festival for the first time  during my college career at CSUSM. I wasn’t planning on going if my movie was not one of the movie being feature. I was glad that I went because all the movie that was feature was amazing. All the movie, brought out something special and memerable about them. I remember the documentary about the lady who want to hike the Sierra Nevada one more time to visit her husband ashes. The documentary almost maek me cries on how touching it was to watch. The best part was the movie my classmate and i make won Audience Choice. I think that the iceing on the cake when you can create something that someone else can truly enjoy.

Art Events Five st Callistus Annual  Family fun festival Variety Show May 12/2012

It was my first time going to St Callistus  Variety Show. It was very entertaining. I  felt closer to my heritage of because one of the skit was about the Vietnamese history of the first two kings. They dance to a song that I have not heard in awhile. The event is both for young and old  because they have entertainment that was both in English and in Vietnamese with vaerity of dance and skit. I think I would like to design with a little detail from my cultural.

I think one thing the show could do better is have a bigger stage. Many of the act seem like it would be better if they had a bigger stage to move around.

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